Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Repainting the front door

For some reason, the primer on the aluminum moulding on the front door failed, which meant the paint attached to it started peeling off. It looked awful and had to be fixed of course. The first step was to complete peeling off the loose bit. (Note, the red colour shown in this photo is the best rendition of the actual colour of the door.) Fortunately we had some mild weather so I could do the painting.

The second step was to sand the bare alunimum, in preparation for the primer. The bright sun in this photo gives the paint an orange tint.

The third step was to mask off the area around the door so I could spray the primer on the bare aluminum. Unfortunately the primer was white (couldn't find gray), which will mean more coats of paint will be required to cover it.

This is what the doors looked like after I finished applying the primer (white), and removed the newspaper masking.

Fortunately it was very mild, as mentioned above, so I could paint the door without problems. First I applied several coats on the trim section that had the white primer. This is after two coats of paint.

This photo is after four coats of paint on the bottom part of the door, with the last of those coats being over the complete door. Unfortunately, another coat of paint is needed (you can see some lightness around the moulding), this is because red paint pigment is quite translucent.

It was getting chilly and dark, so I had to stop. An overnight low of -1C was forecast for Tuesday night, and it will be too chilly on Wednesday to paint. We have milder weather forecast for this weekend, so may have to wait until then.

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