Friday, May 22, 2009

Sorry little bird!

When we let the dogs out in the morning, Taz always runs over to the big rocks (a chipmunk lives in there somewhere), which is also where the bird feeders happen to be. When Taz runs over they scatter all over and sometimes bump into the fence or the house or something. This morning, this little bird flew into the fence and injured itself. It was walking around on the ground though so Freda left it alone so it coud recover. Then, this afternoon, I heard Freda saying, "Taz, OFF!" That was because Taz had this little bird in his mouth. It shows what a soft mouth he had that the bird did not appear to have any injury. Anyway, Freda called the Wild Bird Sanctuary, we put it in a little box with some kleenex and we were on our way there when the bird died. I think that maybe it died of fright.

We have now moved the problematic feeder outside the fence so this situation should not repeat again (hopefully).

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