Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pine Siskin

Hi there,

If you look at the photo from May 9th (Food's On), you can see a number of brown striped birds. I have identified those as Pine Siskins. I hadn't seen them at the feeder last year, doesn't mean they weren't around, but I just didn't see them. They outnumber the Goldfinches this year, so I guess they are around for sure.

The unidentified brown bird still remains unidentified. The photo is not really clear enough to give a positive id. I think it is a female grosbeak of some type, but I cant' really tell. On the other hand, it is a large bird - it is bigger than the red-wing blackbird in the same photo, so maybe it is a dove. I don't know yet.

PS: Forgot to mention, as predicted, the deer have eaten all the tulip flowers, and some of the leaves too.... :((

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