Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taz and our first snowfall.

It's been a while since I posted some photos of the dogs, so I thought would do just that, and this time I would give Taz some air time of his own, instead of having to play second fiddle to Tawny all the time.

All dogs love to chew things. A smart owner gives their dog something that they can chew instead of the dog finding some chewable things on his own (i.e. shoes). Tawny loves to the Cheweez (an Alpo product - strips of rawhide sprayed with a tasty enzyme that aids digestion) which we give one after each meal. Taz likes those but abosultely loves to chew the rawhide bones. (Tawny will chew them for a bit and then loses interest, until you smear it with peanut butter. haha) This is a photo of Taz in deep concentration with a new 'bone'. He often likes to carry a bone along on our walks, but then usually drops it at some place when he gets a good sniff up his nose. Amazingly, he can usually find it when we say 'go get your bone' but sometimes he is unable to. Gven the snow is now here, I don't like him to take the bone along on the walks, so he will have something to chew on afterwards.

Despite being a dog with an apparently ferocious bark, he does like to snuggle and get all tucked in.

Our first serious snowfalll of the season started on Monday night. This photo was taken on Tuesday morning. It actually got above 0C by Tuesday afternoon (+0.4C according to the weather man), and the snow was very wet and almost like rain.

This photo was taken on Wednesday morning. Still snowing, and not much different from Tuesday morning, except it looks like the lake is starting to open up again...

We are supposed to get above zero temperatures by the end of the week, so this snow may not last. I think we received about 15cm so far, but very very wet and heavy...

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