Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov 14 photos - miscellany

Hi there,
Sorry it has been so long that there has been regular posting. I have been fighting with severe headaches and also with Vista on this new computer. I still haven't found how to easily copy photos from my camera, like I used to to be able to do with XP.

Anyway, here are some photos from November 14th.

November 14th was very mild - still shorts weather - and Tawny shows it by leaping into the water to fetch a stick. This was in the back 40.

Freda noticed this curious scat. This is full of hair, so it clearly is from a predator. This may be the post-digested remnants of a hapless deer, or something with similar hair.

Our flooring replacement was completed on November 14th. The thresholds were glued and then had to be weighted down with whatever we could find, so here we used everyone's favourite beverage - A&W Root Beer!
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