Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov 14th - pano and dogs at play

The weather has been extremely mild lately. I don't think I have worn shorts for as long as this in any previous year. This photo shows proof that I was wearing shorts on Nov 14th. Hard to believe!

Nov 14th - pano.
At the far left is our neighbours' house, still under construction. Then just to the right of that you can see our other neighbours. The tree with the broken branch approximately marks the left side of our property. Taz is just to the right of Tawny (who is easy to see because of her light colour), in the tall grass just left of the mowed area. I started mowing part of this area this year because we had the lawn tractor and it made it easy to do so.

Taz loves running around outside with his rawhide bone. He usually drops it someplace of course. When he does, and he comes back empty handed (so to speak) you say to him, "Go get your bone," and 95% of the time he will run off and come back with it. It really is uncanny how he seems to remember exactly where he dropped it, considering how short an attention span he has...

Tawny, of course, loves playing catch. Here she is showing off her acrobatic skills with a Frisbee. We had two other fabric frisbees which have been lost in the tall grasses somewhere (how annoying!). At least they were well worn so it is not such a great loss.
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