Friday, June 10, 2011

Last of the debris

There was a small pile of debris under the carport that was left over from when the other debris was hauled away but this stuff didn't fit in the dumpster. The pile was a few sheets of paneling from the basement and the old kitchen sub-floor. Since the plywood and paneling was too big, I had to cut it up before I could put it out with the garbage - and the result of that work is what you see here.

This photo also shows the carpet of flowers etc in the front yard - these would have been growing under the huge junipers or cedar or whatever it was that was growing by the lamp post and totally obscured everything.

The flowers on the ground to the right of the lamp post are pots that Freda put together.

Most of the peonies are almost ready to burst their blossoms and look like this.

Some peonies have bloomed and look and smell gorgeous!

And in other news... I have called for the final electrical inspection on Monday.

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