Friday, June 24, 2011

Accidental trap

No photo today, as you will understand why.

We had a lot of rain overnight on Wednesday night, but needed to water the plants under the house overhang. Freda picked up the half full watering can and then noticed that there was something in it. It was a chipmunk that had obviously gone into the watering can to get a drink, but then couldn't get out and drowned.

I used to leave the watering cans full so they were ready to use and won't blow around. I think I will either have to leave them very full or almost empty to avoid situations like this.

Sorry, little chipmunk!


Anonymous said...

poor little dead chipmunk, still in the watering can after all this time, with no burial!!!

Mark said...

I don't think the chipmunk was in the watering can for more than a day... Still sad, though.