Thursday, October 07, 2010

Lovely fall day, but a bit windy!

The morning dawns with a beautiful clear day, brilliantly lighting up all the colours in the trees.

The fall mums looks wonderful. We have several colours of mums in the front garden, and they all LOVE the location, judging by their size! :) In this photo, there is a bright pink in the foreground right, then some dark red ones in the middle, and then two pale pink mums in the pots on the steps (far right) -- these colours of these ones are a bit washed out because the sun is so bright.

A shovel and some culverts were delivered. It looks like the city is going to start the work to put in the ditches and culverts to properly channel the runoff water. This is good news!

The wind had really picked up by the afternoon, and the lake actually had breaking waves on it!

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