Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Birds seen on October 5th

This is a Great Blue Heron that visits the lake fairly regularly. The photo is not that good because (a) it hard to hold the camera steady while also holding two dog leashes, (b) the camera was at full zoom and it is very difficult to avoid camera shake. At least you can see the size of the bird even if you can't see the details.

The Heron flies with his neck folded back against itself and the legs stretched out behind out it (it's flying from left to right in this photo). Juvenile Great Blue Herons are brownish, instead of the bluish-gray/white colour.

It's migration season! That's why the Canada Geese love visiting here...

Even though the Blue Jays are noisy and are messy eaters, it is still wonderful to see the brilliant flash of blue as they fly along.

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