Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Canada Geese by the thousands

We are obviously in the middle of migration season, as Canada Geese are arriving for a layover by the thousands. This was a zoomed in section of a photo that shows some geese coming in to land next to their brethren. I wonder how many landing collisions there are?? Hmmm....

This photo can give you a bit of an idea of just how many geese there are. Imagine looking to the right and to the left of this photo, and seeing the sky filled with the big birds. Their hooting and honking was actually quite loud, and - because there were so many of them - they made a lot of noise when the splashed down on the lake. Click on this photo to see the large version, and you will see that there are a LOT of birds on the lake, landing on the lake, coming in on final approach, circling to land, and approaching the lake. Wow!

The roadway was graded today. The snowplow operator asked us to fix up the road (runoff had made a big ditch across the road in one spot) because he didn't want to damage his equipment.

This is the end result. The gravel should pack down with vehicular traffic over the next little while. A little rain would help with that too, as long as it is not a heavy rain.

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