Monday, September 14, 2009

NCC Sound and Light Show

I had tried to find out what touristy things were on, for the skin and blister visit. One attraction that was still on was the National Capital Commission's (NCC) Sound and Light show. It is a celebration of Canada, the history, the natural beauty, and the people that made this country great. It was a 30 minute show that was held after dark, and used the Parliament Buildings as a surface to project the images onto. It was 'held over' until Monday Sep 14th, so we decided to go down on Sunday night as it wasn't raining and we weren't sure it wouldn't rain on Monday night. This shows the Peace Tower, in the period leading up to the show.

Of course, it was dark, and it was difficult to take a photo. Miraculously, this one turned out quite well, so you can see how the Parliament Buildings were used as a projection screen.

I was quite surprised that the seats (bleachers) were all full, and there were even people sitting on the grass to watch the show.

It was quite chilly that evening, as all the tea we had before going down town was fighting to make its way out, so we made a speedy exit to get home.

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