Monday, September 07, 2009

Labour Day = Deer Day = Dog Day

This morning, when Tawny woke Freda up to get her breakfast (yes, Tawny is our alarm dog on non-work days) Freda looked out the window and saw a number of deer just outside the fenced area of our back yard. Freda was able to take a couple of good photos of the deer before they scampered away.

You can see how close they were to our fence, it's at the bottom right corner of this photo.

We spent a good part of today cleaning out our garage, as Mark's sisters are coming this weekend to help paint it! :) It was a dog's life as they worked hard too, mostly looking precious!

Tawny wanted to make sure she was in the shade, so she laid in the shade of the garden trailer which was in the shade of a tree. Very cute!

Meanwhile, Taz was enjoying himself chewing on a rawhide bone.

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