Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Governor General Medal of Bravery

Colleen Taylor, M.B.
Ottawa, Ontario
Medal of Bravery
On November 28, 2008, Colleen Taylor risked her life to rescue a woman from a possible drowning, in Jiulia Lake, in Carp, Ontario. The woman had been walking her dog when it ran out to chase a goose and fell into the freezing water, several metres from shore. The woman tried to rescue her dog, but she, too, broke through the ice. Ms. Taylor was driving by when she saw the woman struggling to get out of the water. Moving carefully across the thin ice until she was only a few metres from the victim, Ms. Taylor threw one end of a dog leash to the woman, who grabbed on tightly. Ms. Taylor got down on her stomach and, with great determination, pulled the victim out and brought her to shore.

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