Friday, August 13, 2010

Panos in warm weather

August 13th, 2010

What a beautiful day! The hill is starting to turn green again. It was a lovely temperature, with just a hint of wind to ruffle the surface of the water.

This pano shows you the rock collection that Taz has been building - I used a blue asterisk (*) to indicate the rocks (or groups of rocks in some cases) that he brought out of the lake. The area on the right is sandy and was grown in with the weedy rushes, but Taz's playing with the stones (pouncing on them like a cat, and playing with them with his big goofy paws) has sort of cleared out some of the rushes.

The water level in the lake is quite low - about 18-20" below normal at this time of the year. This means the lake is getting warmer, which is harder for the fish to survive. That may have been what happened with this fish. For a few days, Tawny and Taz went over to an area with a bunch of reeds, so I went to investigate. The foul odour was the reason why the dogs were attracted to the area, and the fish is the reason for that odour... Poor fish.

The low water level has also shown us where a Kong sunk. I put some lines of dots to indicate the rope for the Kong so you can see it. The main body of the Kong is just to the left of the row of blue dots.

It's no wonder that Taz can swim so fast as he can make big strokes with his long legs!

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