Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pano Saturday

Pano Saturday March 7, 2009

I took this series of 12 photos (stitched to make this pano) this morning before we left to do our grocery shopping. This pano is taken from our driveway, looking towards the lake. If you look at the lower left branches of the tree in the center of the photo, you can see that there is a birds nest snuggled in the branches there that has taken all the nasty winds, snow, and freezing rain that winter could throw at it, and is still hanging in there. Amazing!

We put stones around the tree to hold back the dirt when we had the topsoil brought in afterwards for the lawn. That was filled up with snow and is now filled up with water too.

It was at least 9C today, not sure if it made it to 13C as predicted, but it was a nice almost spring day, with the dirty snow melting.

Pano Saturday March 7, 2009

I took this series of 27 photos (stitched into one pano) around 5pm today. The stitching software reports that the photo spans 113.1 degrees horizontally and 39.9 degrees vertically (I don't know how it figures that out!)

Compare these two pano photos and you can see a difference since the morning - there are larger areas of water on the ice on the lake and the snow on the lawn has receded somewhat. I took the red Christmas lights by the driveway down today, but the rebar I hammered into the ground by the driveway last November is still frozen in place.

This image is a zoomed in section of a photo I took today. I discovered that when I take a photo where the lens is zoomed out all the way, the photo seems to be almost all white! (I guess my camera is starting to be flaky. :(() To figure out what was going on, I enhanced the contrast before I zoomed in for this photo and you can see that the photo almost seems to just have every second "scan" line recorded. The photo seems to be a lot more greenish than it should, so I don't know if it means the red and blue sensors are hampered in some way, or if the green sensors are overwhelmed. It's very strange that this happens only when the lens is zoomed to the widest angle (shortest focal length).

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