Monday, July 04, 2011

Tree removal

Tree removal

We had a big maple tree in the back yard that we had to take down because it was too close to the power line. This is the before picture, obviously.

Partly cut down.

Cutting down the main part of the trunk.

Taking off a piece of the trunk.

Another action shot.

Just a pile of logs. Some friends came a few weeks later and picked up all the logs - it took two trips.

Now there is clear air where the wire is.

This is the stump grinder. The operator is driving the machine over to grind down another stump. We had about five stumps ground down.

This is the stump grinder in action. The machine had a little diesel engine that drove a hydraulic pump that spun the grinding blade as well as driving the wheels.

Sorry to see you go, Mr. Maple.


RC said...

Did the power company insist on the tree removal? if so, it would be nice if they paid for, or contributed to, the cost, but I expect that is too much to expect.

Anonymous said...

It looks as if the tree was next to a depressed place, like a parking area. Too bad that you had to cut it down completely. I suppose cutting it back would have only been a temporary solution.

Mark said...

Well, the tree was in our back yard for one andit was the wire tha provided power for only our house. Hydro does trim the trees under the main lines but not individual lines.

Anon- that "depressed place" is our back yard and yes it is depressing.