Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crabapple blossoms!

These photos were taken on May 20th,2011.

Close-up of the beautiful blossoms on our neighbour's crabapple tree.

This is the complete tree. The pretty pink flowers look a little washed out against the brightness of the sky.

My neighbour tells me that when the neighbourhood was developed, the developers planted the same type of tree in front of every house, so it would have looked really gorgous going down this street with all the trees in bloom at the same time. But this neighbourhood is 50 years old and not all the crabapple trees have survived. Lucky for us, the houses at the end of the street near our house all have the crabs still (except for ours).

The petals cover the ground with a pink snow.

And even get on your shoes...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Shows that the builder took pride in his work and wanted the finished work to look lovely. M